Welcome to Yorkie blog!

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a Yorkie owner myself, so I went through many different problems and questions that I would love to share with you. If you are here, you either have a Yorkshire Terrier or plan to have one, right? Great! You are on the right information source 🙂

A little info about my Yorkie

His name is Boss and he is 5 years old. The name completely matches his temperament. He is bossy, independent, extremely protective and don’t like bigger dogs than he is. Like any other Yorkie, he loves to be in the center of the attention and can’t stand to be left alone. So, that’s why he is always around people.

What you’ll find in this website?

First of all, this blog was created for the intention to share real knowledge from my own experience. Many other websites gives you the answers that are too obvious and most of the time they are not exclusively for Yorkies. Who can give you a better answer than a Yorkie owner? You will find many useful articles on grooming, training, health and other topics.

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