Yorkshire Terrier Sleeping Habits: How Long Do Yorkies Sleep?


How long do Yorkies sleep?

We all know how Yorkies love to make themselves comfortable in our beds. It doesn’t matter beside us or right under our blankets. Needless to say, they are the first ones to wake up at the earliest time possible. Licking all over our face and asking for breakfast. Then they have a lot of naps during the day and we are the ones who need to work or simply who don’t manage to snooze in the middle of the day. It sounds unfair but that is how things work. But what are exactly the sleeping habits of Yorkie and how long do Yorkies sleep?

A Yorkie pup will sleep from 16 to 22 hours per day, including naps during the daytime. They will be very active and energetic in between. Adult Yorkie will sleep from 13 to 18 hours each day. Most likely they will adjust to the habits of their owners but their sleep will depend a lot on the environment. The snooze lasts from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Also by the dog’s sleeping position, you can tell about his personality.

The last thing I added because I myself was always curious how much you can tell just by looking at someone sleeping. I admit, I always have been a little bit enthusiastic about psychology. However, you don’t need to think much to realize that sleeping makes everyone happy and positive. So let’s inspect what does make our dogs happy and positive.   

How long do Yorkies sleep?

How long does Yorkie pup sleep?

Like all the babies, Yorkie pups sleep a lot. I don’t know how long does a baby sleep but probably a Yorkie pup would outrun him. How long does Yorkie pup sleep? It’s better to ask how long are they awake. Basically, they are awake just from 2 to 8 hours per day. And it’s not just that – when eventually they are awake, it’s not necessary the time when you have time and energy. It might even happen when you yourself are sleeping! The owner of a Yorkie pup should be like a real servant – to be ready to serve – water, food, or games – at any time of the day. 

And this is not just it. Awake puppies are super energetic – they take full advantage of this little amount of time they are actually alive on this earth and you can call it la Vida Loca, like Shakira, puts it into words. They explore, chew on things, eat, drink, “go to the bathroom”, they PLAY as much as they can. I don’t know if these are happy or sad news for you, but that’s when you can experience quality time with your dog. Or a bunch of dogs you have at your house. 

However, once you have such a pup, take care of his education, too. Don’t let him turn the whole house into his bathroom. Take the pup to a designated area so that he knows that there are some rules in the house. Bathroom stuff should be one of the main goals to set at the time when the puppy is awake.

Do grown-up Yorkies sleep less?

As time goes by the Yorkie pup will start to sleep less. Eventually, Yorkie will get used to less sleep but his body needs to adjust to a long day as well. At first, you might struggle with his want to play and storm when the night has come and the land is dark and you want to sleep. There are a few tricks which you can use to prevent it.

Help him to get enough exercise during the day, the best would be to have 20 minutes of exercise 2 hours before going to sleep (don’t make him do sports just before sleep – you don’t want him to be all energetic then). Secondly, make the environment calm and relaxing: dim the lights, turn down the volume of the TV or the radio and turn it into a routine. Dogs like routines. Thirdly, make sure the pup did all the bathroom business: an “empty” tomboy will sleep a lot calmer. Fourthly, make the crate comfortable, considering the time of the year, fifthly, give him something to chew on in case he wakes up and needs to be entertained, sixth, keep your pup’s crate close to your bed for him not to feel lonely.

Your pup might wine and beg for attention at first but once he sees that everyone is going to sleep for sure and he knows what to expect, he will accept the situation. And so will you, with all the joys and troubles that come up when you have a little pup.  

How long do adult Yorkies sleep?

All adult dogs are a bit more trained and civilized. They already have a clue of the laws of this world and what’s more important – of the laws of the house. Maybe you two won’t have a blast in gaming 24/7 (well, 8/7 in the case of a Yorkie pup) but you will have more time together because an adult Yorkie is awake from 6 to 11 hours per day.

The good news is that adult Yorkies sleep through the whole night and usually take 1-2 naps during daytime which lasts from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Naps depend on the environment. Let’s say, if your dog feels you around, especially when you cook some meatballs or stakes, he will definitely be alert like a light bulb and will be going to check the kitchen out trying his luck. Or if some guest is coming to your house and either your dog needs to throw a welcome party or he must be on duty to bite someone’s butt (it’s definitely his personal mission so he can’t miss it). 

There might be times when your dog wants to sleep more or he wants to sleepless. Usually, the older the dog is, the longer he sleeps if he doesn’t have any health problems. Health problems are one of the main issues of why the dog wouldn’t manage to fall asleep. The circumstances which can depend on the owner are the comfort of the bed and the time when the dog is taken for a walk. It is good to change the crate every 4 or 5 years and keep your dog relaxed (not active) at least 2 hours before sleep. 

And the last good news is that Yorkies usually sleep in tandem with their owners. Once they are adults, they adjust to the housekeepers’ habits, so you won’t have trouble with different sleeping schedules (my dog is an exception, though).   

Yokrkie’s sleeping position and his personality

I have read before that according to the position a human being sleeps in you can tell whether he is an extrovert or an introvert, whether he is open or has secrets, whether he is self-confident or insecure, and other things. Recently I found out that a dog’s sleeping positions can tell how does your pet feels and what is his personality like, too. Here we will shortly explore some cases.

Sleeping on the side. This means that your dog feels pretty safe and comfortable. If he likes to lie in this position often, it means he is quite easy-going and relaxed. 

Curling up in a ball, nose-to-tail. This is a protective position and conserves warmth. Usually, it is chosen due to the cold environment but wild animals tend to settle in this manner because that’s how they hide from exposition their vital organs and it helps them get up quickly.

“Superman” position. In this position, dogs lie on the tummy and lay their legs to all four directions. This lets the dog stand up quickly at any time. Dogs who like this position also like to be in the middle of the action – that once something happens, they could join immediately. Pups really like it.

On the back, paws up in the air. This position helps the dog to cool off in hot weather since the fur around the belly is the thinnest. Since his most sensitive spot is exposed and it is hard to stand up lying in such a position, it means the dog feels very comfortable. Most likely he doesn’t care then about the world. It is very common in the summer months.

Back-to-back. Dogs might sleep back-to-back with other dogs or snuggle up to you. This is a bonding moment and in this way, your pup is showing love and affection. 


So, how long do Yorkies sleep?

I don’t know whether it is good or bad to let my dog Boss sleep in my bed but I sure like those bonding moments when he shows love and affection. Once I started living with him, all his habits turned out to be visible very clearly and it took some time for us to adjust to each other. But as I have mentioned above that when the dogs know what to expect, they start accepting the situation, so it would have been easier for me to accept the new situation if I had known what to expect. So I hope this article helps you to have a clue.

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