Differences between teacup Yorkie and regular Yorkie


What’s the differences between teacup Yorkie and regular Yorkie?

First of all, I would like to start with the fact that there is no such thing as a teacup yorkie. A teacup Yorkie is just a Yorkie who accidentally born smaller than regular Yorkie. Because of their small size, people began to call the a teacup Yorkie. So, if you are choosing between a regular yorkie and a teacup yorkie I will try to explain what are the differences between them. 

Teacup Yorkies and regular Yorkies are related in a number of ways but also have some notable differences. First of all, teacup Yorkies are smaller and weigh less than regular Yorkies. Teacup yorkie weights about 2 to 3 pounds, while regular Yorkshire Terrier weights about 6-7 pounds.  Furthermore, due to their small size, teacup yorkies are more prone to health problems or birth defects. Moreover, there are some differences in their personalities. Teacup Yorkies are usually more playful than regular Yorkies, but they are more difficult to train. 

If you want to know more about differences between teacup yorkie and regular yorkie I will go through each of the difference separately.

Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Size

Teacup Yorkie
Teacup Yorkie
Regular Yorkie
Regular Yorkie










Teacup Yorkies and regular Yorkies vary in size. These differences are very evident. Even though both of them are small but Teacup Yorkies are way smaller than regular Yorkies. Their size requires you to be very careful when it comes to taking care of them. They are so fragile and any mistakes can really tamper with their health. Make sure they have a very secure place for staying. Ensure they are fed to a balanced diet and are subjected to regular health checkup.

Both of them are cute and do provide great company. You will enjoy carrying them around and playing around with them. No doubt you will spend your leisure time in the best way possible. Start exposing your Yorkie to some tricks and games. Since Yorkies are very playful, you will really enjoy their company. Their size is just amazing. Moving with them around is never a problem.

Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Weight

regular yorkie weight
regular yorkie weight (6-7 pounds)
teacup yorkie weight
teacup yorkie weight (2-3 pounds)







Both of them are small in size and are lightweight. However, teacup Yorkies weigh less than their counterparts, the regular Yorkies. Teacup yorkie weights about 2 to 3 pounds, while regular Yorkshire Terrier weights about 6-7 pounds. Their smaller weight might also expose them to some dangers. Make sure you pay a lot of attention to your teacup Yorkie. It is playful and chances of this dog moving around aimlessly are high. Monitor its movements so that your cute puppy does not succumb to any unnecessary injuries.

Regular Yorkies are a bit weighty when compared to teacup Yorkies. In fact, regular Yorkies are quite large in size than teacup Yorkies. Despite the difference between the teacup and regular Yorkie, you have to accord them the needed care. They both offer great company which you will not wish to let go. Take care of them, and you will always have brighter days.

Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Color

regular yorkie color
regular yorkie color
teacup yorkie color
teacup yorkie color










When it comes to color, both of them are quite similar. Normally, Yorkies come in different colors like a yellow lab, a chocolate lab, and a black lab. Both teacup yorkies and regular yorkies can vary in color and there is no strict standard for their color.  Also, keep in mind that yorkies change their color and can have completely different color from their birth to their maturity. So, it’s up to you to pick a Yorkie with your preferred color.

Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Temperament

regular yorkie temperament
regular yorkie temperament
teacup yorkie temperament
teacup yorkie temperament










Talking about temperament, it is very subjective topic, because each dog is different and their temperament is different. However, people say that  Teacup Yorkies are more playful and have a stronger personalities than regular Yorkies.  I have a regular yorkie and a friend of mine have a teacup yorkie and I would say that it’s completely opposite. My regular yorkie is more playful than a teacup yorkie. Coincidence? Maybe… 

A Yorkie will be on high spirits if it is also taken proper care of. Yorkies are prone to some diseases, so it is very important to expose them to great healthcare and a balanced diet. The healthier your dog is, the better he feels. This will give you a chance of enjoying the better side of a Yorkie. Since teacup Yorkies have a great personality, be sure that your leisure time will be spent in the best way possible. 


Purchasing a Yorkie: Teacup Yorkie or Regular Yorkie?

The process of purchasing one should be conducted with a lot of discretion. There is import at guiding points that you have to consider seriously. First of all, find a trustworthy breeder and meet the parents of the puppy. If the parents are healthy, happy and playful, chances are that your Yorkie will be the same. If you have a chance to choose your yorkie, you should pay attention to these details:

  •  Color

Go for a Yorkie with your favorite color. Chances are, the color will change anyways. It’s a good idea to see how their parents looks like to get a feeling about the possible color of your dog. 

  •  Price

Yorkies do vary in price. Price usually depends on the breeder and the dog’s parents. Moreover, the price of a teacup Yorkie is usually different from a regular Yorkie. Teacup yorkies tend to cost more than regular yorkies, but it’s not necessarily the case. You have to be aware of this differences before setting out to purchase one. Above all focus on getting value for your money.

  •  Personality

Believe me, a dog’s personality is a big deal. Nobody wants to have a dog that will be a nuisance to them. Personality is probably more important than he’s size, weight or color. As I mentioned before, both teacup yorkies and regular yorkies have nice personalities. You cannot tell which one have a better personality. However, teacup yorkies might be more difficult to train. 

  •  Taking care

Both teacup yorkies and regular yorkies require a lot of attention. Two most important things are regular grooming and balanced diet. You have to give your pet a proper food at whatever cost. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a regular yorkie or teacup yorkie, they need nutrients that promote growth and development. Let your puppy have have healthy skin and enough energy to give you the best he can. 



So, I hope you have at least a little more information regarding what are the differences between Teacup Yorkie and Regular Yorkie. However, do not forget that regular and Teacup Yorkies come from the same breed and they share very similar characteristics. If you are not sure which one to buy, just go with the feeling, not with the size of color of the dog. They are both cute lovely dogs with great personalities!  

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  1. Sonya Logan says

    True I have my little girl which I would think of as a smaller size….3lbs…. but don’t let her hear you say teacup. The training part is so true. But I would have to say she almost has us there. The problem with the smaller sassy jokers are this….. they know they have you exactly where they want you. And it is just like your birthed children. If you truly love them, you have to discipline them or in this case train them. It is for their protection. They just happen to be a breed that is so cute and smart. It is like getting the stud and he is top of his class. Best of both worlds.

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