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I do remember how we picked the name for our Yorkie (his name is Boss). We wanted the name to be short, funny and represent the character of our dog. We were thinking about various names for our yorkie, but none of them were funny and original. At one point, our dog started barking and acting like a real boss in our family, so that’s how we came up with this name. Now he is the real Boss in our family 🙂

Every breed has names which the owners of the pets like to give them the most. So does Yorkie. There are several categories under which the names are divided. There are the most popular Yorkie names, the most typical, the most elegant, the funniest, the cutest, the coolest, the most unique, Yorkie names of famous people, some names and stories of dogs from movies and TV shows. I let myself to have my preferences and pick the most interesting things you would like to know about Yorkie names. So I will present and describe the most popular, the funniest and the most famous Yorkie names.  

There are plenty of names for your dog and there is definitely one waiting for your notice. In this article I will introduce you to the most notorious names which rings a bell when you hear them and I will give you some descriptions. 

The most popular Yorkie names

If you think that the best pick for your dog is something everyone can remember and memorize, here are so far the most popular names of Yorkie:

Pip – if you have ever read “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, this is the name of the main character;

Bella – okay, if you don’t like books, you have definitely heard about the movie “Twilight” where the main character was called Isabella and her short name was Bella;

Bud (Buddy) – this name suits your dog if you want something simple. And that is what your pet is to you – a buddy. Isn’t he?

Archie – did you know that Archie is the name of the son of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan? That would definitely make your dog more noble;

Bonnie – this is the name of the famous criminal. Maybe you know better the name of the couple – Bonnie and Clyde. Be careful with this name! Your Yorkie might become a criminal.

Leo – it is the name of one of the zodiac signs and signifies a lion. So if your doggy is a proud, ambitious extrovert, this name might suit him; 

Missy – you might know the famous American rapper and singer Missy Elliot. There is a saying that the name reflects the personality. Maybe your Yorkie is a natural born rapper?

Dylan – one more name which might confuse the people around when you call your dog by such a name – is Bob Dylan alive again? A good name, if you fancy classical pop music.

Skittles – your dog is sweet and sour at the same time? Give him the name of Skittles!

Nacho – your pup is crazy about spicy food? I haven’t heard about such a dog but even if you are the only one crazy about nachos, let the world know it! 

Gizmo – there is an old movie about such creatures Gremlins and Gizmo was one of the good Gremlins. You should definitely watch the movie! Maybe it will inspire you;

Lucy – if your pup is funny and lovely, Lucy could be the name for her! It’s a name from an old TV show called “I Love Lucy”. It was a TV show of my Sunday afternoons in my childhood.  


The funniest Yorkie names

I can’t run from my personality and deny that I don’t like something original and funny. For me original mostly is funny. I like when I tell people my cat’s name (which is Bundy after the character Al Bundy which is the reason why it is funny) and they are all surprised and smiling because they haven’t heard anyone’s cat called Bundy. So that is why among my pick of categories of names was the category of the funniest Yorkie names.

Boomer – that’s a great way to give your dog praise. Maybe by chance he will understand the meaning of his name;

Bubba – a dog isn’t your boyfriend or a brother but he is definitely someone special to your heart. This is a sweet name to call someone you love;

Crush – it should be definitely funny, if you go for a walk with your dog and call him “Come, my Crush!” and then all the guys (or the girls) who are around turn at you;

Dogzilla – in literature this thing is called hyperbole: when you take someone or something little and make it big. When you tell someone your dog’s name, they will definitely be amused when they see the “monster”.

Fanta – this is a great way to describe the energy Yorkies have – they are sparkling and bright all the drink Fanta!

Fiesta – in Spanish this word means “a party”. Maybe everyday with your pet will be a party;

Grape – if you don’t want to hyperbolize but do on the contrary, Grape is the best name for your Yorkie;

Grizzle – oooh, this name will make anyone run into bushes! I bet your Yorkie would have the energy to make others step back;

Hagrid – if you know at least a bit about the story of Harry Potter, you should know that Hagrid is a big hairy half-giant with good heart. 

Hellboy – if I am not wrong, it is a movie about some anti-hero of terrifying looks. If you bath, brush and make haircuts for your Hellboy, the effect to others should be great; 

Santa – this name would be the most relevant at Christmas. Your Yorkie could pretend to be a Santa Clause! I bet he would like all that attention;


Famous Yorkies

Probably you already know that Yorkies are very popular among celebrities. And personally I didn’t know that Yorkies were even actors in many movies and TV shows. Maybe you would like to give your doggy a name of a famous Yorkie?

These are some names of Yorkies of famous people:

Whiz – Natalie Portman’s who is a famous actress dog;

Tiger – a name for a brave dog who belongs to Ivanka Trump

Pasha – one more Yorkie in the president’s family, this time of Tricia Nixon

Poncho – a funny name of Missy Elliot’s, the rapper, Yorkie

Smoky – the name of the dog who himself was a World War II hero

Jak – the name which Hillary Duff gave to her Yorkie

Lila, Moonie, Roadie – who could have guessed that Miley Cyrus loves Yorkies so much!

Doogie – Whitney Huston’s dog. I wonder, can he reach such high notes as her owner?

Hannah, London – that’s how Britney Spears named her Yorkies;

Bob – Naomi Watts picked a solid name for her doggy!

Cinderella – now we know what is the favorite fairy tale of Paris Hilton!


Probably you are courious so who are the Yorkies who performed in movies and TV shows? Here I will feed your curiosity:

Toto – the dog who we all know well but maybe we have never thought that it’s a Yorkie. Toto is a character from the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Together with Dorothy they went the Yellow Brick Road;

Moses – a great actor in the “Meet the Fockers” movie. The movie is about the reunion of two families when their offsprings get married. Of course Moses was an important character. I wonder, how did he know when he needed to bark?

Hootie – Yorkie by such named played in a quite old horror and mystery movie called “Urban Legend”.

Pickles – a star of “Daltry Calhoun”, a comedy-drama movie about family relationships;

Boi – it’s a Yorkie who was filming in “High School Musical 2” produced by the Walt Disney Company.

Puppy Goo-Goo – well, it is not precisely a real Yorkie acting in a movie but it is a character of a Yorkie in a cartoon – “The Simpsons”.

Barney – this Yorkie performed in old American drama series “Lou Grant” which were rated quite well.



So I tried to present to you some best names of Yorkie breed. And not just that. To make the article a bit different, to not leave it as simple lists of names. My purpose was to help you to pick a name for your Yorkie and make it interesting to read. Maybe your pets, like mine, have some predecessors who you want to honor. Otherwise, the task is hard. On the other hand, exciting, too.  


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