How to Bathe a Yorkie?


How to bathe a yorkie?

Bathing a Yorkshire terrier is entirely different from any other dog breed. The long silky smooth hairs although look lovely but give the tough time when it comes to cleaning and bathing. The York terrier locks are so delicate that they tend to get tangled if not handled with utmost care. Mentioned below are some of the tips and tricks to apply while bathing a Yorkshire terrier.

Tip #1

Put the giant cotton ball inside the Yorkie’s ear. If the water gets inside your dog’s ears, it may cause severe infection. Make sure you put a GIANT piece of cotton, because if it is too small it might get stuck!

Step by step process:

  1. Brush out knots and tangles
yorkshire terrier combing
yorkshire terrier combing

First of all, you need to remove the knots and tangles before giving a bath. It is better to brush Yorkie’s coat first with a high-quality brush. The Yorkshire has silky and beautiful hair which gets knotted easily, and bathing can make the knots tighter and thus made it hard to remove.

  1. Damp the hairs before shampoo


Damp the hairs before shampoo
Damp the hairs before shampoo

You need to apply shampoo after wetting him with lukewarm water. After shampooing the pet, use a high-quality conditioner especially recommended for the Yorkshire terrier. Spread the shampoo with your fingers all over his body down to his feet. I know some dogs like to get conditioner massage up and down. However, in Yorkie’s case, it will lead to tighter knots.

  1. Rinse shampoo carefully
how to wash yorkies
how to wash yorkies

Rinse the shampoo thoroughly with the help of your fingers and clean every drop of shampoo. The Yorkshires are prone to dry skin, so a little drop of residual shampoo can cause itching and irritation. Moreover, you can use a damp sponge to rub the areas around Yorkie’s beautiful eyes and face.

  1. Condition his hair

In the end, you need to condition his hair with oil-based cream. Before applying it, remove all the excess moisture from his coat and then use the conditioner. There are several high-quality yorkie’s conditioners available in the market, specially designed for the delicate and silky Yorkie’s coat. The moisturizing gives shine to hair and also help to prevent tangles.

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