How to Brush a Yorkie?


How to brush a yorkie?

Before we start, let’s make sure you have the right tools: a slicker brush, a pin-brush & a detangling spray (optional). These are the 3 main tools that you will be using. I can’t watch people brushing their dogs with cheap slicker brushes, which causes pain to their dogs. No surprise that some of the dogs doesn’t like brushing. My Yorkshire Terrier loves brushing and this is because I made the process fun and painless!

By the end of this article you will know

  • What are the main tools needed?
  • Why do you need high quality & professional slicker brush?
  • How to brush a Yorkshire Terrier?
  • Why do I recommend using detangling spray?
  • Answers to the most common questions regarding brushing.

So, let’s talk about those 3 main tools and why do you need them.

1) A slicker brush

slicker brush for yorkies
slicker brush for yorkies

A slicker brush is #1 tool that you will be using. Some people use slicker brush only and it’s completely fine. It’s way better to buy one really good and soft slicker brush, than a variety of different but cheap tools. The main purpose of slicker brush is to get rid of any loose hair, knots and mats. It’s really effective at penetrating deep into the hair and getting rid of any loose hair and dead skin cells. Slicker brushes is safe to use, but only if the brush is high quality. How to tell if the brush is high quality? Check for those little rubber/plastic tips:


slicker brush for yorkies

If the slicker brush doesn’t have those rubber or plastic tips, I guarantee you it will cause the pain for your Yorkie. Moreover, look for a soft brush. The softer it is, the less discomfort it will cause. The best way to check if the slicker brush is soft enough is to test it on your arm. If it hurts or leaves any marks – voila! You can throw it straight to the bin. If it doesn’t leave any scratches – it’s good to go! Nowadays, when there are so many different brushes you can even find a brush which is especially designed for yorkshire terrier’s smooth and silky coat. If it’s possible go with that choice.




2) A pin-brush

pin brush for yorkies
pin brush for yorkies

A pin brush is more gentle on hair and less likely to cause any damage to your Yorkie. Pin brushes are often wooden or plastic brushes with metal pins that have a protective rubber or plastic tips. Pin brushes are recommended for long-haired yorkies, especially for show dogs. If you keep your dog’s hair short, there is no need for this brush. The best feature of pin brush is that it parts the hair all the way down to the paws. The pin brush works best when complemented by a detangling spray. So, a combination of both makes a perfect daily combing routine. I’ve tried many different detangling sprays and I should say that they all do their job. However, I would recommend using all-natural ingredients sprays without any toxic chemicals, dyes or other unnecessary ingredients.


 3) Detangling spray

detangling spray for yorkies
detangling spray for yorkies

First of all, a detangling spray will help to loosen up your yorkie’s hair tangles and make it easier to brush. Naturally, Yorkshire Terriers are long-haired dog’s, so their hair tends to grow really quick! The longer the hair, the more care you need to give and the more time you need to spend. If you do not have enough time, I would suggest simply having a haircut, otherwise you will definitely encounter tangles and mats. Moreover, a good detangling spray will help to treat dry and sensitive skin which is the problem quite often. Look for Aloe Vera and/or Oat Protein. Those are the main ingredients that will make your dog’s skin & hair moisturized. Finally, there are so many good detangling sprays that smells so nice! It’s probably the main reason why I love using it! 🙂



Ok, so let’s assume that you have the right tools now to get started…

One of the things that I would like to mention before going any further is that Yorkshire Terrier’s hair can’t be brushed while wet. The most common mistake that people do is that they start brushing their dog straight after the bath. It’s wrong, because if you do so, Yorkie’s hair becomes unresponsive to brushing and might cause pain or damage the hair. So, make sure you dry the hair thoroughly, before starting brushing.


How to brush a Yorkie in just two steps

Step 1: Use a slicker brush

Let’s be honest, brushing your dog is not a rocket science 🙂 To begin with, just spray a small amount of detangling or conditioning spray and you are good to go. If you don’t have any spray, no worries. Just make sure to be gentle and start brushing slowly. Use long strokes from the neck to the tail. You should start hearing scraping noise and it’s completely fine. It means that you’ve hit a knot. At this point you can use your fingers to loosen the tangle if you feel that you need so. Keep brushing until you don’t hear any scraping noises. When you’re finished brushing, you can apply detangling spray and use a pin-brush for finishing touches.

Step 2: Use a pin-brush

A pin-brush is only used for dogs who have long hair. So, if your Yorkshire Terrier has short hair, this step is unnecessary. Otherwise, use it the same as a slicker brush. Start with long strokes from neck to the tail. Short after you’ll see how the hair starts to look glossy and shiny. Good job, you nailed it!


Most common questions that people ask regarding Yorkshire Terrier brushing

How often to brush Yorkie? 

When people ask me how often they should brush their Yorkie, my straight answer is every day. But it really depends on how long are your Yorkie’s hair. The shorter it is, the less often you need to brush it. I should say brush it whenever you see that the hair is no longer glossy/shiny or you start seeing any tangle.

How long to brush Yorkie?

Well, it really depends on how often do you brush your Yorkie. If you brush often, it’s obvious that it’s going to take less time, because there will be no tangles and mats. Anyways, It should take you longer than 10-15min.

Can you give me some tips?


Tip #1

Yorkshire Terrier has silky and beautiful hair, which gets knotted easily. So, if you want to prevent the hair from formatting any tangles, you should brush his hair at least once a day.

Tip #2

Pay closer attention to legs and head where the hair is longer.

Tip #3

If you have a restless Yorkie, give him a treat after every brush! You will be surprised how positive reinforcement works. I did this with my Yorkie and now once I take my brush, he comes to me ant sits straight and calm. Actually, he enjoys brushing.


Thanks for reading. I hope that now it’s clear how to brush a Yorkie, if so, please leave a comment below!

Treats for Yorkshire terrier
Treats for Yorkshire terrier

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