How to Clean Yorkie’s Ears?

How to clean yorkie’s ears?

It is normal to see some earwax in the ears of your furry baby. But if it looks swollen, red, irritated, black inside, or smells bad, it can be a sign of some kind of infection. In this case, I strongly suggest consulting with a vet before undertaking any treatment.

However, most of the time, ear infections can be easily treated with a professional cleaning. If you spot an ear infection in the early state you can use such products like ZYMOX to kill the infection. My yorkie had ear infections several times, so I know how painful is to watch your dog itching his ears.

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Ok, so assuming there is no infection and your baby have strong and healthy ears, you must clean the earwax that we said is normal to occur. Start with cleaning the ears from the outside area. Use warm water as the cold is harmful to the ear canal. If you want a better clean I would strongly suggest using ear wipes with aloe vera and eucalyptus, which I often use:

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To clean the ears from inside, take a tampon or ear stick and soak it with special ear lotion. Gently lift the ear and remove the dirty content inside. Do not rub too hard and don’t put the ear stick too deep. This might damage the ear. I’ve tried many ear lotions, some of them caused itchy ears, some of them didn’t do the right job. Check this lotion with over 1000 good reviews on amazon:

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This procedure is not so pleasant and most likely your baby will not like it. Most doggies get nervous during this manipulation. So don’t worry, you are not doing anything wrong, he just doesn’t like someone rubbing into his ears. Same as humans 🙂
If you have any questions regarding how to clean yorkie’s ears, just comment below!

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