How to cut yorkie’s nails at home?


How to cut Yorkie’s nails at home?

Yorkshire Terriers’ nails has to be trimmed off regularly (every 2-3 months) and you should never leave it untrimmed for longer than 6 months. Clipping the nails of any dog breed is a difficult task, but when it comes to your little Yorkie, then you have to be an extra cautious. Yorkshires are very impulsive and give a tough challenge for clipping or trimming the nails. Needless to say, it’s very easy to hurt your dog even when you know what you are doing. So, if you don’t feel comfortable and confident, just don’t do it yourself. Otherwise, I’ll explain you how to cut yorkie’s nails at home.

Disclaimer: before taking any action, I highly recommend you considering professional services instead of clipping your Yorkie’s nails at home.

If you decided to it by yourself you will need:

  • High quality clippers
  • Plaster (just in case)
  • Nerves of steel

High quality clippers for Yorkies

Make sure you have high quality clippers, otherwise you may hurt your dog. Clippers must be extremely sharp and made from solid stainless steel. I’ve bought the same nail clippers as many groomers use:

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel – With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Nails & Free Nail File – Razor Sharp Blades – Sturdy Non Slip Handles – For Safe, Professional At Home Grooming

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If you only want to trim your dog’s nails, you can also use a trimmer.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

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Yorkie nail clipping process

  • Sit in a comfortable position while having Yorkie on your lap or find any other comfortable position.
  • Prepare mentally and be calm: you have to ensure you aren’t nervous anytime you are about to trim your pet’s nails. Yorkies can sense your feelings and it will make him nervous too.
  • If needed ask someone to help you out in holding your Yorkshire, but if you wish to do this alone, make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position. It is advisable to clip your pet’s nails after taking a bath, because this makes the nails softer.
  • Most of the dogs have either white or clear nails. However, majority of Yorkies have completely black nails which makes the process a little harder. When nails are completely black it’s nearly impossible to locate the blood vessels. So, your first task is to identify where the blood vessel is (if it’s possible). The blood vessels are pink color and you can identify them simply by looking at your dog’s nails. If you spot a pinkish area – it’s a blood vessel. In all cases avoid the pink area and do not cut above it! If you do so, you will make your Yorkie bleed and it will cause a lot of pain. At first, try to cut a very tip of the nail and cut it in the angle. Check out the image below:
How to cut Yorkie’s nails

If you need a step by step guide how to trim a Yorkie’s nails watch this video below:


Why it’s important to trim yorkie’s nails regularly? 

Your dog is prone to a variety of problems if nails are not trimmed. Yorkie’s nails are a part of their anatomy and if they have nails that are not trimmed off, it can change the way in which your dog moves. In most cases it also causes pain. If you do not trim it for a longer period of time it can even change the position of the bones in his feet. This changed position puts pressure on joints and makes them worn out!

So, regular nail trimming can:

  • prevent your dog from joint pain and arthritis
  • remove any discomfort while moving
  • prevent your Yorkie from any change in bone position

An easy way to prevent these problems is a regular clipping of your Yorkie’s nails.


Common mistakes when trimming Yorkie’s nails

  • Unsettled dog: If you have a pet that plays a lot or loves to play all around its owner it’s going to be a tough task. You have to ensure that not only you are calm but your dog as well.  Try putting up a face to show your pet you are not playing at that moment. Do not have any toys around or anything that can distract his attention.
  • Cutting into the quick: Cutting into the quick hurts your dog and absolutely will make him bleed. This can happen if you are clipping for the first time. So, you have to study your dog nails, look for the blood vessel to avoid cutting into the quick. Make sure you are not in a rush to avoid clipping into the quick.
  • Using cheap clippers: If you use cheap clippers you can easily hurt your dog. Some of the clippers are not sharp enough or can easily brake while clipping.


What if I make it bleed?

As a first attempt, there are chances of you doing things wrong. But in a case whereby it’s bleeding, you have to make sure you are calm. Don’t Panic! Remember all this principle of being calm is to avoid any silly reaction from your pet. Once you are calm, your bet will be calm.

You have to apply pressure to the area where the blood is coming out from. This may hurt your pet, but ensure you have a good grip on his nails.

Secondly, apply quick-stop and wrap it with plaster. Allow your pet to walk a little and see how he feels. 

In most cases, after unsuccessful attempts dogs become afraid of trimming nails. So, after successful completion of these processes, praise your pet and make sure to give him some treats.

If see that you cannot stop the bleeding, you must visit your vet immediately.

Clippers: how to choose?

I have the whole article on this topic, because it is so important to choose the right clippers. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good.

choose the best nail clippers for your dog as it not only helps you in trimming but also minimizes the fear of clipping the nails wrongly.

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