CBD Oil For Yorkies: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage


I’ve read many articles about the benefits of using CBD oil for dogs. So, decided to do more research on how CBD oil can be used for Yorkies and what benefits it might have. I found really interesting things that I want to share with you.

Is CBD oil safe for Yorkies?

Yorkies are small and delicate dogs, therefore we need to make sure that we will not harm them in any way. What suits large breed dogs is not necessarily suitable for small dog breeds like Yorkshire Terriers. The safety of using CBD oil was my main concern when I first heard about the idea of using CBD oil for canines. Probably you have the same concern, don’t you?

After reading many different scientific studies, blogs, and talking with my vet I can conclude, that it is totally safe to use CBD oil products for Yorkies. Not only safe but giving CBD oil to your dog might have some great benefits.

What are the benefits of giving CBD oil to Yorkies?

    1. ✅ CBD oil reduces joint/moving pain
      According to the scientific report The Use of Cannabidiol-Rich Hemp Oil Extracts to Treat Canine Osteoarthritis-Related Pain: A Pilot Study. 30 out of 32 dogs showed a reduction in osteoarthritis-related pain! This is very good news, knowing the fact that Yorkies tend to have joint-related issues like leg-perthes disease or luxating patella.  So, if your Yorkie has any moving-related pain I would strongly suggest you try CBD oil.
    2. ✅ Fights anxiety (like separation anxiety)
      I’ve read several articles that were talking about the calming effects of CBD oil on dogs. For example, this report talks about the anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol on dogs. The results showed that CBD oil reduces anxiety. So, if your Yorkie experiences any type of anxiety, try CBD oil on your dog and let me know your results!
    3. ✅ Reduction in seizures
      I found a youtube video from a WSBTV news channel where they showed many examples of giving CBD oil to dogs that experiences constant seizures. You can instantly see how the dog calms down after getting a dose of CBD oil.
      If you are interested in watching this video you can click here.
    4. ✅ Reduces inflammation
      Even though there were no studies particularly with dogs, I found one study with mice. This study concluded that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory effects.

There are also some other potential benefits of giving CBD oil to Yorkies that are not scientifically proven, like:

  1. ✅ It helps Yorkies to fight depression
  2. ✅ It helps Yorkies with appetite loss
  3. ✅ It helps to improve skin and hair quality

What is the dosage of CBD oil for Yorkies?

The recommendation is 1-3mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

Yorkie type Bodyweight CBD oil doze
Teacup Yorkie 2-3 pounds 0.2 – 0.6 mg
Small Yorkie 3-4 pounds 0.3 – 0.9 mg
Medium Yorkie 4-7 pounds 0.4 – 1.5 mg
Large Yorkie 7-10 pounds 0.7 – 2.5 mg

Or you can use a CBD oil dosage calculator by clicking here.

What are the side effects of giving CBD oil to Yorkies?

Diarrhea and redness in the outer ears are the top side effects of giving CBD oil to dogs.

  1. 🟡 Diarrhea
    According to the study of advert effects of Cannabidiol in healthy dogs, the most frequent side effect of giving CBD oil to dogs was gastrointestinal upset (diarrhea). Knowing the fact that Yorkies have a really sensitive stomach, it is very likely that they will have diarrhea. Though, I think this is completely normal when you introduce new substances to the diet. At least my Yorkie always has some sort of diarrhea when I change the food.
  2. 🟡 Redness in the outer ears
    The second most common side effect was redness in the outer ears. A mild form of redness occurred in 36% of the dogs. Most of these dogs received CBD oil in the form of the transdermal cream.
  3. 🟡 Ocular or nasal discharge
    There were also some other abnormal clinical signs like ocular or nasal discharge.


To conclude, it is totally safe to use CBD oil for Yorkies, but you need to make sure that you use CBD oil that is approved, natural, and pesticide-free. Even though there can be some side effects once you start using CBD oil, the benefits that it offers are much greater. If your Yorkie sufferers from any kind of moving, joint pain, is very anxious or has seizures you should definitely try the CBD oil. It can also help your Yorkie shows any signs of depression or lost his appetite. However, these symptoms can also be of some kind of illness.

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