Traveling with Yorkie? 6 amazing tips!


Traveling with Yorkie? 6 amazing tips!

traveling with yorkie
traveling with yorkie

Yorkie owners cannot bear the thought of leaving their dog alone in the house. Personally, I do not leave my Yorkie alone for a longer period than 3-4 hours. Why? Check this article:

How long can a Yorkie stay home alone?

So, now you are wondering how do I travel? I take my Yorkie with me! There is no need to leave your dog behind when you can take him with you!

Thanks God Yorkies are small which makes it easier to travel with. However, traveling with Yorkshire Terrier is not as easy as it seems like. There are many things you have to consider to assure that you will have fun while traveling.

If you are wondering if that’s even possible? Believe me, I have been there myself. In the beginning, I was afraid, however, after making a few mistakes I learned to travel with my Yorkie without any problems. Here are some amazing tips that will help you to avoid mistakes that I’ve made.


Flying with Yorkie

If you are planning to go for a longer distance, you have to book a flight.

#1 Make sure you book the right flight

You need to find a flight that allows you to carry your Yorkie with you. Some airlines allow dogs on the place, while others don’t. You should call the head office or check the online website, where you will get all the information about the flight.

#2 Carefully read the rules / terms & conditions

Sometimes they only allow one dog per cabin. Also, check if they will allow you to carry your dog on cabin, or they’ll put it on cargo. Believe me, you do not want to leave your dog on cargo. He will undergo so much stress that the worst can happen.

#3 Make sure that you book direct flights

Direct flights mean that your dog will undergo less stress and it will cut the chance of your dog getting sick. Do not let your dog feel like you are going on a flight because he might get scared.


#1 Get the right pet carrier

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling by plane, bus or car, you must have a pet carrier. Airlines will not allow you to take your dog with you if you do not have a pet carrier. A leash is not an option here. You need to make sure that your dog is safe and secure throughout the journey. Luckily, there are different types of pet carriers available in the market. Some things that you need to consider:

  1. Make sure to select the carrier that has a proper ventilation, your Yorkie will feel less suffocated.
  2. Make sure that the pet carrier is properly padded from the inside, so your pet will feel comfortable inside.
  3. The size of the pet carrier should be more as compared to your dog. It will allow your Yorkie to stretch when tired. However, if you are traveling by plane, make sure you buy a carrier according to their requirements.  

#2 Visit the Vet

Do not forget to visit the vet before you are ready for the journey. You should get all the vaccinations for your Yorkie to assure that it can be protected from all types of diseases. You will need the medical reports of your pet as well if you are planning to travel on a plane. There are strict rules related to carrying pets on the plane. Taking your Yorkie to the vet will give you the peace of mind that your pet is OK and no one can stop you from taking him on the plane.

#3 Keep fresh water near you

You know that dogs are not for traveling long distances and Yorkies might get easily irritated. Having a water bottle near you will give you a chance to give your dog water when he shows any signs of being sick. Water is a must. Especially if it’s hot outside. Don’t worry if you don’t have where to pour it, because sometimes I just pour it into my hand. It’s not the best option, but it’s better than nothing.

#4 Take breaks

When you are traveling by road, chances are that your journey is going to be long. It is important that you take short breaks when it possible, so your dog can pee. Not only that, but it will allow you and your Yorkie to stretch a little, so you can continue with the same enthusiasm!

It might be tough in the beginning. The journey will definitely take longer. You have to prepare for this and enjoy your journey. If possible, start with the short rides before you can take your dog for the long rides. This way you’ll know how your Yorkie behaves.

#5 Avoid having food before a ride

A common mistake that most people do is they let their Yorkie eat before the ride. It might lead to vomiting which means that you will have to clean your car and your dog. And hey, you don’t want to start your journey like this! To avoid this, I usually take some food with me and I give it while we are on the road. This way I know how my dog feels and whether he is sick or not. If you know that your dog is prone to sickness while traveling, you should give water only.

#6 Get dog seats for a car

Yorkie dog seat
Yorkie dog seat

Safety is first, right? Going by car seems like a safe option, however there are some things to consider. First of all, make sure that your Yorkie does not interrupt you while you are driving. One of the options is to get a dog seat for your car and another option is to take a dog carrier with you. I prefer dog seats, because they are more comfortable. Simply adjust your Yorkie properly in the seat and assure that it is comfortable. Open the window to let a fresh air and you are good to go! My Yorkshire Terrier loves when I open up a window. Not only because he enjoys the flow of air, but also he can watch the surroundings.


Bottom line

Flying can be stressful, but flying with your Yorkshire Terrier can be a real headache! There are so many things to consider that sometimes it is way easier to leave your dog for your siblings or friends. In case you have no choice, remember the things that I’ve mentioned above and you should be fine!

In all cases, start with short trips and see how your dog feels before going for long journey. After a few trips you will know your dog’s character and how he feels while traveling. If your Yorkie was sick throughout the journey, I recommend you to take your Yorkie to the vet once again when you are back.

Finally, there is no need to leave your Yorkie home alone when you can go everywhere together!  


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