9 Reasons Why Yorkies Keep Their Tongue Out


You realize most of the dogs are likely to stick out their tongues once in a moment. However, for the Yorkshire Terriers, they tend to hang out their tongue more often than any other dog breed. For this reason, many Yorkie owners tend to ask the same question: why Yorkies keep their tongue out?

Yorkshire Terriers tend to hang out their tongue more often than any other dog breed. Some of the most common reasons are: panting, poor bite, sickness, emotions, breathing, hanging tongue syndrome or dental issues. If your Yorkie does not show any other signs of sickness it should be just a normal natural behavior. In case you find any other sickness symptoms you should visit a vet.

Why yorkies keep their tongue out?
Why yorkies keep their tongue out?


All dogs Yorkies included making use of their tongues to bring in some cooling sensation into their body especially when it is too hot. In this case, the tongue is used as a device. This is done mostly by sticking their tongue outside while panting at the same time in order to bring rapid air into the tongue. It allows the moisture to evaporate from the tongue, hence cooling the blood on the tongue. The cooled blood then flows into different parts of the body, slowly hence cooling the entire body.

Poor Bite

Poor bite is another common reason why yorkies keep their tongue out. There are dogs that have a poor bite or some other anatomical issues. This, therefore, makes it somehow challenging to have their tongue inside the mouth. This is a challenge mostly experienced by small dogs such as Yorkies. Therefore, for them to have some comfort is the reason as to why they will always stick their tongue’ outside.

Sickness, Injuries and Neurological’ Problems

A Yorkie that sticks its tongue outside is a clear indication, that the dog could be experiencing some form of illness, neurological problem or injury. Therefore, if you find your good Yorkie behaving in a different manner or maybe the tongue is dry and cracked, you should go ahead and seek veterinary attention immediately.

If Yorkie pants more often and you can’t really tell the reason, it is also a good reason to call a veterinary specialist. Yorkies pants more especially when injured or in pain, when they have a fever and when they have respiratory challenges. This is likely to compel them into sticking their tongue.

You should also check whether there could be cracks, swelling, bleeding or unusual appearance. This occurs mostly during cold seasons. To make Yorkie comfortable, you need to provide a lot of water to keep its tongue hydrated.

Also, take a keen note on the mouth injury. Your Yorkie might have been injured on the mouth while playing and this can be reason leading to tongue sticking outside. This might have occurred especially during a game or animal chase’.


Yorkies do not necessarily need to be tired in order to stick their tongue out. They can also do it under emotions. At the same time, there is a lot happening in the life of Yorkie, so you should not blame them for such an issue. If it is more sociable and undergoing Yorkie classes, he is much exposed to more exciting sounds and sights as he tries to discover more about the world. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the sticking tongue and the accompanying body language although some Yorkies may stick their tongue out when they are scared or tired.


Familiarizing with the Yorkies breathing style and tongue sticking is a good idea. The dog’s breathing styles differ, for example, Yorkies tend to breath faster compared to huge dogs. You should also consider its respiratory count; this could also be a reason for keeping their tongue outside. For example, the normal rate of respiration of a Yorkie may vary from 15 to 40′ breath in every minute. Therefore, this is something that should make a Yorkie owner be more concerned.

Hanging Tongue Syndrome

Sometimes Yorkie could have been born with this condition. A dog’s tongue that hangs outside constantly is a genetic condition that is found in smaller pups’ such as the Yorkies. If you realize your Yorkie is constantly sticking its tongue out, it may not be a negative condition that can affect the health of the dog.

Whenever you realize Yorkie is experiencing hanging tongue syndrome, you should make sure he/she has a lot of water. Also, make sure the gums and tongue are in good condition because dogs with hanging tongue syndrome are highly prone to infections and frostbite’ on the tongue especially during cold weather conditions.

Dental Issues

Sticking of the tongue is not a problem associated with small dogs such as Yorkie only. It could be a dental problem that compels it to hang the tongue outside. Therefore, it is advisable that you regularly check and brush Yorkie’s teeth. Your can find more information about Yorkie’s dental issues here: Yorkie bad breath 

Other reasons could be the loss of teeth and a dental problem. It could also be as a result of prior trauma on the face, mouth or jaw. A tongue of a dog is likely to sleep out if it lacks teeth to support it or the jaw is not well shaped.

Introduction of New Medication

If a new medicine is administered to Yorkie’s system, it could be the reason for sticking out the tongue. If the dog was recently on medication and it happens to exhibit such a symptom, then you should go ahead to consult a veterinary specialist to ensure it is the appropriate medication for it.

In a Relaxed Mood

The good thing is that at times sticking the tongue out is not a sign of any problem among Yorkies whatsoever’. At times when it leaves the tongue hanging out for long is a sign of perfect relaxation. For example, if Yorkie has taken the most delicious food, played to its best capacity, or maybe lying close to you with its tongue outside can mean that it is in pure bliss.



There are several reasons that could compel Yorkies to keep their tongue outside. Some are health-related while others are just for pleasure. Regardless of the factor, as a good Yorkie keeper, you should be more concerned when you realize your Yorkshire Terrier is keeping its tongue outside for longer than it should be. With the guide of this detailed content, you should be at a position to tell when Yorkie is keeping its tongue outside normally and when there is a problem.

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