Camping with a Yorkie: everything you need to know


Camping with a Yorkie: how to make it fun?

One of the incredible things that you can do in spring or summer is to go camping with your Yorkie. But before you put all the camping stuff into the backseat of your car, there are few things that you must look on. 

We all know that Yorkies are small dog breed that needs a special attention and care. For this reason, some people remain in doubts and concern whether it is safe to camp with a Yorkie or not. If you too have the same thought on your mind, then read this article and get to know about some of the important tips that will make the camping much more interesting.

This guide will let you know how you can prepare your Yorkie for an exciting camping trip, things to pack and stay safe while making most of the fun with your Yorkie.  So, let’s begin!


Getting ready for the trip

camping with a yorkie
camping with a yorkie

So, you are ready with your loyal companion for a camping trip? Here is the checklist before you head out: 

  • Make sure your Yorkie is microchipped

Consider getting microchipped before the trip if your dog is not microchipped. This is because in case the dog breaks away or gets lost. A chip will help in getting the dog home when he is found. The information of the dog will be pulled up via a database after the scanning of the microchip. 

  • Apply flea and tick medication

Forests and long grasses are full of ticks and other pests. It is important to take all the necessary actions to prevent your dog from them. The best way is either apply some pest medication or have a special collar that prevents from fleas and ticks.

  • Check the campsite or the campground leash regulations

Different campsites or areas contain different rules regarding dogs. So, even though a Yorkie is a small dog, there might be strict rules such as maximum leash length that is allowed for camping.

Ok, so these 3 things are really important before you head out. If all the tips mentioned above are followed correctly, then you should be fine to start packing your stuff. 


Packing list: things you will needpacking for camping with a yorkie

packing for camping with a yorkie

  •    A strong fitted collar containing ID tags.

  •    For walking, you will need a sturdy six-foot leash length.
  •    A lead of 10-20 foot is necessary that helps to tie out the dog.
  •    Harness for hiking
  •    If the dog liked to be created, carry a crate that would create an environment like that of home.
  •    Carry a stake so as to tie the dog if you find nothing else while hiking.
  •    Dog washing dishes and the food is also an important packing stuff. Carry small breed dog food that is rich in protein, fat, and carbohydrate, this will impart extra calorie to the dog for utmost fun and enjoyment.
  •    In the same way, carry extra water for uncertain stay length just in case.
  •    Extra special treat is to be on the packing list when you wish to need dog’s attention in order to make memorable moments.
  •    Carry a smell-proof container or poop bags, if needed.
  •    The packing list must contain a pillow or pad for dog bedding.
  •    Carry tick key and brushes for removing leaves, seeds, debris and another pest that got caught into dog’s fur.
  •    For mid-night walking, carry a safety light that gets perfectly attached to dog’s collar or in harness.
  •    Buy a pre-packed kit or first aid kit from online sale.
  •    For camping or hiking in the cold weather, carry a sweater or jacket for puppies, short-coated dogs, and older dogs.
  •    Contact information such as the phone number of vet office that is closer to the campsite or campground.


Fun things you can do while camping with a Yorkie

camping with a yorkie

  • Take your dog’s favorite toy with you

It’s a fact that terriers love to play with balls or toys that are being thrown to them. In order to add an extra fun and excitement, take a squeaky toy! My Yorkie goes crazy when I take a squeaky toy with me… 

  • Canoeing with a Yorkie

Canoeing with a Yorkie can be exciting but at the same time dangerous activity. It really depends on your Yorkie’s character. Some dogs are still while others are super active. So if your dog is hyper active, be extra cautious and make sure that he doesn’t jump from your canoe. Especially, be careful if you canoeing in the river, where the stream is very strong. If your yorkie jumps out, you might not be able to catch him. 

  • Running with a Yorkie

Even though Yorkies are small dog breed, they have a lot of energy. If you love jogging you can definitely take your dog with you. Just make sure that you have water with you and the weather is not too hot. Moreover, carry a harness that will prevent him from sniffing every minute and sets the pace.

  • Cycling with a Yorkie

I would not recommend cycling with your Yorkie. First of all, they are too small to keep the pace of bicycle. Even if you go slowly, they might get scared at some point and get under your wheels. If you plan cycling while camping, get a basket for dogs. It will be much safer and fun for both of you! 

  • Preparing food

The best part while camping is definitely food that is cooked on fire… mm… You can bring some sausages with you and cook over an open fire. I guarantee you both will like it! 


Staying safe while camping with a Yorkie 

camping with a yorkie

  •     To keep the Yorkie away from overheating and dehydration, two must-haves i.e. shade and water are necessary. During hiking, watch signs such as frequent water breaks and excessive panting are a must. Never allow the breed dog to drink water from ponds and puddles, which can increase the risk of illness due to harbor parasites, viruses and bacteria’s. Collect purified water or one which you use for yourself for the dog.
  •    All-time supervision on the small dog is important. Certain campsites restrained the dog to specific ways whether they are in the crate, portable pen or tied on lead. If your Yorkie has a habit of bolting or chasing on things, attach the leash to small dog’s harness instead of the collar. A harness ensures the safety of the dog by minimizing injury risk while making wild-thing moments in camping. The dog restrained helps the dog from getting mixed with wildlife skunks, venomous snakes, and porcupines.
  •    Just like the loud music disturbs campers and wildlife creatures, the continuous barking can be a bit frustrating and annoying. So, in this case, you need to manage noise level by keep distracting him with playing tricks or by keeping vocalizing. Put him in the tent so as to block view that makes him upset or nearby people, this will calm down him.
  •    Keeping the Yorkie warm at night is must so as to keep him cold-proof. This is because we know the temperature goes down in evening and this can greatly affect dog’s health. You can provide him with extra sweater or blanket in this case and place pillow or pad so as to keep him away from the moist ground. You would never like if the dog gets mixed with skunks, raccoons so it will be nice if you sleep with him inside the tent.
  •    Try to keep barriers such as the outside animals that are best at exploring campsite away from the dog because the dog has an incredible hearing sense that would enforce him to peep out. An alarm system would be best in keeping the dog away from outside harm.
  •    It is good to have plenty of exercises when enjoying camping but makes sure the small dog doesn’t overexert, from dog’s activity level. Many dogs keep on moving even if they are fully tired, so make sure the dog slows down in breaks to keep him away from heat strokes, health issues, and exhaustion. In this case, paying attention to the energy level of small breed type this would seems to be highly beneficial.
  •    It would be nice if the ID tags include information such as the campsite information, date of stay and cell phone number, in case he manages to break and ran away. The information will help in returning the dog to your home.
  •    Last but not the least, have a blast at the campsite or campground for a memorable and interesting camping experience.


From the above information, it is clear that if you follow all above-mentioned considerations, then surely you would have a great time hiking with your best friend or companion. You can make the camping much more interesting by spending quality time with your Yorkie in the tent and keep him safe from the outside animals. It’s a perfect time to build a strong relationship with camping Yorkie and making memorable moments via funny activities such as running, cycling or canoeing with him. Just get all the things done and spend wonderful time camping Yorkie at best campsite or campground.


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