Best Toys for Yorkies and Yorkie Puppies


Best Toys for Yorkie Puppies

Every dog, no matter of what breed or size or personality, wants to play. Especially when dogs are young, through games they learn what behavior is appropriate and what is not, how to communicate, they exercise, stay in a good mood and their teeth are kept healthy. Even though Yorkies are small, they are full of energy and they want to play. I bet you, as his owner, take joy from the games with your dog, too. At least I enjoy it, no doubt. In this post, I will go through the best toys for yorkies, so that you know before going on adventure with your Yorkie. 

Yorkies are highly intelligent and physically active. In order to make them happy, you need to spend time with them. Keep them busy, play games, exercise together and give them tasks. Yorkies don’t like solitude and boredom so when you leave them alone at home, take care that they are occupied or give them a companion toy. When they are puppies, they need to have something to chew on and a toy is better for this purpose than your shoe. 

It is hard to fit in one sentence all that Yorkies like. So going on with this article, I will describe the precise activities Yorkies like to take up, what you should consider when buying a toy for your Yorkie puppy and what are the recommended toys for Yorkies. 

How to pick a toy for Yorkie puppy?

There are several indicators what your doggy might need. On different occasions there are different ways to entertain him. Most likely you will need toys for all the situations. 

These situations are: when your Yorkie has his teeth growing; when he is left alone at home; when he is playing with you. I will give you short instructions what you should consider when choosing a toy for your Yorkie in each of these situations.

Yorkie teething toys

Yorkie is teething from being 3-4 months old until he ages to 7-9 months. During this period of time he will experience itching and discomfort. If you don’t give him a suitable toy to chew on, all the things on his way might be destroyed, no matter was it precious to you or not. When you buy a chewing toy, make sure:

  • it is of a proper size to fit in the pup’s mouth;
  • it is flexible enough for the jaws to clamp down;
  • it has a satisfying texture: nubs or rope toys;
  • it is universal for all the different issues your doggy might have in his mouth.

Check out this Yorkie teething triple pack:

Nylabone Puppy Chew Variety Toy & Treat Triple Pack, Chicken|Lamb|Apple, 3 Count, Regular

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Yorkie home alone toys

Yes, it sounds precisely like the name of that movie of 1990 where a boy is left alone at home and gets into trouble. Your dog might get into trouble, too, if he’s left alone with nothing to do. And remember, don’t leave your yorkie alone for too long

One kind of toys for the dog to occupy himself is treat dispensing toys. It is a kind of toy when a treat is hidden and the dog needs to find out how to take it out. It is a way to keep your pet full and busy. The most important indicators of a good treat dispensing toy are a proper size, being adjustable which lets you to control the difficulty, durability and easy to clean. My yorkie got this one for Christmas, and this is the best thing I’ve bought so far:

treat dispensing toy
treat dispensing toy

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

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Another good way to help your puppy to feel good while he’s alone and to help him to go through the separation anxiety is giving him a companion toy. My recommendation is a Smart Pet which is a good sized, quality stuffed animal of realistic dog colors and emitting a rhythmic heartbeat, moreover, even comforting warmth. All together will make your dog feel as if he has a true friend beside him while you are away. 

One more alternative is interactive pet webcams. They are quite expensive but they would serve you both – you and your dog. They are not meant for your dog to chew it or cuddle with but it will definitely help to keep in touch.

Balls, stuffed colorful squeezing animals are classical choices. My yorkie gets crazy when he hears a squeezing sound. I have this ball and it’s one of the most favorite toy:

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Bonus: empty water bottle

I don’t know why, but the most favorite toy for my yorkie is empty water battle. Try it, maybe your yorke will like it too.

Yorkie toys to play together

The games in the previous section are good for having some quality time together but there are lots of other means to make the best out of your time together. Toys help, too. The important things which you need to think of when you pick a toy for your Yorkie to play with together is the size of the toy (because most of the toys are for big dogs), the color, the fabric, does it make sounds, how much the toy induces the dog’s senses and instincts.

In the next section I will give you a clue about the selection of all the toys mentioned above.  

Recommended toys for Yorkie puppy

Here you have a list of toys for Yorkie puppy:

Yorkie teething toys

  • Nylabone petite teething toys – a great option for small dogs to scratch their teeth;
  • Mini ropes by Activepet – hard to find but found rope toy for your tiny puppy to enjoy the chewing;
  • KONG Puppy Dog Toy – X-Small, Blue/Pink – long lasting and helping to soothe sore gums, gently clean your puppy’s teeth;

Yorkie treat dispensing toys

  • Busy Buddy barnacle toy – this toy is both for puppies and for adults under the weight of 10 lb – a good way to have a long serving toy for your dog;
  • PetSafe’s Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Toy –  a toy to give your pup a challenge;

Yorkie companion toy

  • Smart Pet Companion toy – a toy with heartbeat and warmth functions;

Yorkie toys to play together

  • Kong’s Squeakair Tennis Balls – fetch balls for tiny dogs which come 3 in a pack making less chances to lose them;
  • Outward Hound’s Mini – a puzzle game which will give work to your pup’s senses;
  • Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel – hide the squirrels and let your doggy find them. 


What do Yorkies like to do?

Boss, my Yorkie, is still a young dog. He is not a puppy anymore, rather a young adult, but I do remember all our efforts to help him to release his energy which was plenty of. Boss was curious and willing to be involved in the activities we gave to him.

Going for a walk. The most joy he got was from going for walks. Imagine, you go to an amusement park for some more intense stimulation of your senses. For the dog a walk is like this amusement park: so many smells, sights, sounds he can absorb – dogs have such sharp senses, after all. More than that, a walk is a bonding time with your dog and a good exercise for him which is crucial for the dog’s health. 

Flirt pole. If you took interest in this breed, you should know that Yorkies used to be ratting dogs – they used to catch rats. So deep down inside them there is a strong hunting instinct. That is why your Yorkie should enjoy a flirt pole. It is a long stick with a string on the end and a lure is tided to the end of the string. You move around the lure and your Yorkie will try to catch it. It is a more than perfect way to make your dog excited and energized. 

Fetch. Yes, you have read it correctly – it is the old good fetch.  The ancestors of all dogs probably played it, all dogs now play it, no matter they are big or small. What is particular about Yorkies, they might not like balls. If you notice this with your dog, try throwing a plush toy or any toy your puppy likes. 

Nose games. This doesn’t mean that now you should be rubbing each other’s noses. It means your dog has a good nose, is curious and likes to be treated with some tasty snacks. So tell your puppy to wait outside and hide some treats for him to find them later. He will definitely be waiting for this game to be played!

Hide and seek. You won’t believe it but it is one of the favorite games of all times not just for children but for Yorkies too! Tell your dog to stay in one place or give someone to hold him for a while and silently hide yourself behind the door or a curtain, under the blanket. Then let your dog find you. Give him a lot of praise when he succeeds. In this way he will want to play again and will enjoy the game more. This is a good way of training when your pet is young!


There are many ways to create a bond between you and your pup but there is no better way than playing. The character of the dog is shaped in the early age so the happier and more loved he is as a pup, the better his character will be as an older dog. Time spending together, exercises and challenges – that is what your pup needs. 

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