How to stop Yorkie from barking? Tips from dog trainer!


How to stop Yorkie from barking?

How to stop yorkie from barking?
How to stop yorkie from barking?

A barking dog is just a dog that’s communicating, isn’t it? After all, that’s how they “speak”. As such, it is not really all that important to learn how to “make it stop” since they’re only talking. Many dog owners think this way about their dogs and can often simply ignore their dogs’ barking, dismissing it as just a dog being annoyed. In many cases, they can even get mad at them, because why would they need to know how to stop Yorkie from barking?

It’s just natural, isn’t it?

Well, not necessarily.

Dogs can actually present excessive barking for a plethora of reasons; I know my little yorkie does. And many of those reasons aren’t exactly healthy.

As such, it is important to know at least one Yorkie barking solution for when all that yelling comes from a bad cause.

Luckily, you needn’t worry. I am here to share you the secrets I use to keep my doggie happy and help him out when he calls for it.

To give you a full guide, we’ll go into the reasons for that excessive barking, general barking tips for dogs, and, at the end, specific yorkie advice.

So, no, this guide won’t be useless for non-yorkie owners. Don’t worry.


Why Do Yorkshire Terriers Bark?

Before we even delve into the Yorkie barking solution list, we must understand first why they do it.

It’s a known fact that the best way to solve something is by knowing what’s causing it and attacking that directly.

So, before you ask yourself “how to stop yorkie from barking?” You should better ask first “why is my yorkie barking?


#1 Being Protective

Dogs are considered guardians since ancient times. That’s because how devoted they are to protecting what they consider to be their territory, as well as those they love.

So, they will bark at anyone or anything that they consider a threat that’s coming into their domain.

If this is the cause for their barking, you’ll notice an aggressive look on your dog.

In yorkies, this barking is accompanied by low growling.

#2 Fear

They may also bark when something scares them. This could explain your dog’s barking if it’s not just inside your home and they’re showing a surprised look.

Yorkies bark in a low tone when this is the cause.

#3 Being Bored

Dogs can quickly become bored if left alone.

That’s because they’re used to hang around in packs and can’t really stand loneliness for too long.

Dogs who are left like that for a long time will bark out of them being unhappy.

#4 Playing and Saying “hi”

They often greet people and other animals by barking.

This is probably the answer if you see your dog waving its tail and jumping around.

#5 Looking For Your Attention

Dogs have learned that barking calls our attention.

So, if they want to go outside or have a snack, they will often let us know by barking.

When I see my yorkie barking while being closed to the kitchen or my front door, it’s not so difficult to know where that barking is coming from. His bark is high-pitched when this is the case.

#6 Anxiety

As mentioned before, dogs can bark excessively if you leave them alone.

However, some dogs can suffer from anxiety, just like humans do. And when they do, they can start barking the second you leave the room.

This is usually accompanied by other symptoms including depression and destructive personalities.

This is can become troublesome fairly quickly and needs to be solved for a yorkie barking solution (or any dog, for that matter) and even your dog’s well-being.

A yorkie may also whimper during this state.

#7 Compulsion

Some dogs can bark just to hear their voices. Many experts believe this to be true, and it does explain when dogs bark out of nowhere.

There’s still a lot of speculation on whether if compulsive barkers actually think this way or if there’s another reason for their barking.


How to stop Yorkie from barking? 6 Easy Tips

Now onto the specifics, yorkies tend to bark more than usual.

Yes, I wish I knew that too.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t be caused by something.

Do you want to know how to stop yorkie from barking? Look below.

Here is more than one yorkie barking solution I’ve discovered researching and while trying to desperately stop my little friend from murdering my audition.

#1 Keep Your Home Quiet

Dogs bark on stimulus more often than not.

Keeping your home calm and your dog care consistent is the most effective yorkie barking solution.

Try to keep routines and habits to keep your dog content.

#2 Keep Your Yorkie Healthy

Take him for a walk regularly to reduce stress and anxiety.

An exhausted dog is also less prone to barking excessively.

#3 Train Him

Do you want to know one of the best ways how to stop yorkie from barking?

Use socialization and training to teach him when to stop barking and communicate calmly.

#4 Get Him Toys

Play with him and entertain him with some toys.

The best yorkie barking solution is just keeping them happy!

#5 Discourage Excessive Barking

Do this without violence.

I use rewards whenever my yorkie obeys my order to stop barking. Now, he knows that it’s not a good idea to bark too much; else he won’t get his treat.

#6 Again, Keep Calm!

Again, whenever trying any yorkie barking solution, don’t yell. Make sure to use a correct tone and volume, firm but not too loud.

… More Tips To Stop Your dog From Barking

Tip #1 Stay Calm

While barking can be annoying, yelling can worsen it.

Make sure to keep your cool when calming down your pet.

Tip #2 Express Your Authority

Dogs can bark at an object or person.

Use your body language and energy to let your pet know that they don’t need to scare away a visitor or that the object is not theirs.

Tip #3 Exercise

Barking can result from accumulated energy. In this case, it may be helpful to release it by going out for a walk or a similar activity.

Tip #4 Follow Through

Make sure the barking has really stopped and your buddy doesn’t start again as soon as you turn around.

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